Licensing and accessing i-SAFE world-class lessons and teaching them in the classroom has never been easier. Once a school or district purchases a GOLD or E-Rate subscription, the teachers designated and verified through a STAT sheet can access the curriculum and begin teaching the lessons in their classrooms immediately. Access to the i-SAFE Admin Central is included with the purchase of either i-SAFE subscription. Through the secure portal, administrators can manage their subscriptions, monitor implementation and download implementation/certification reports ON DEMAND.

Subscription Pricing

The annual pricing structure for each of i-SAFE's subscription and license packages, is per school(s) and/or district. Note that in the event there are five or more schools within a given district, the annual cost will fall within a district-level pricing structure.

E-Rate Subscription: Licenses and allows educators online access to ONLY the E-Rate related curriculum. One year subscription is $250 for a school and $1,250 for a district (5-49 Schools*).

GOLD Subscription: Licenses and allows educators online access to all i-SAFE curriculum, including E-Rate related curriculum.The yearly subscription cost is $520 for a school and $2,600 for a district (5-49 Schools*).

  Gold E-Rate
Per School $520 $250
District (5-49 Schools*) $2,600 $1,250

*District (50+ schools): Click to contact i-SAFE for special pricing

Order Now

All subscriptions can be purchased by submitting a Purchase Order (PO). If your school/district is paying by PO please be sure to attach a copy of the i-SAFE quotation form with your PO by following these 3 easy steps:

  1. Click here to access the i-SAFE quotation form.
  2. It is very important to complete the contact information with the name and e-mail address of the person you designate as your i-SAFE staff representative, as well as filling in the school and quantity fields.
  3. Send the i-SAFE quotation form along with your school/district PO to OR fax it to 760-603-8382.

Every Purchase Order must be signed and include the product name: "GOLD" or "E-Rate."

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