An i-SAFE Professional Development Manager hosts, and takes your organization on a step-by-step four-hour Internet safety training certification experience. The individuals who attend this Professional Development Program (PDP) are certified to teach the i-SAFE curriculum to others. Attendees will familiarize themselves with i-SAFE's components and will be provided solid baseline of knowledge in the field of Internet safety. The in-person PowerPoint and video presentation is ideal for training a large group of Internet safety professionals at the same time: administrators in a school district, all teachers in one school, volunteers to a service organization, or religious school teachers, to name just a few.
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Assembly Experience
Turn down the lights and pump up the volume for an i-SAFE Assembly Experience that students won't forget. The hour long multi-media presentation, hosted by an i-SAFE professional transports middle- or high-school students into Cyberspace. Along the way, they learn a valuable lesson on a specific Internet safety topic, and are encouraged to become an i-MENTOR and spread the Internet safety message to others. i-SAFE offers four Assembly Experiences: Cyber Predator Awareness, Cyber Security, Intellectual Property, and Illegal Music Downloading.
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Parent Night
i-SAFE facilitates your interactive and informative Parent Night. An i-SAFE professional augments the PowerPoint presentation and accompanying videos with real-world insights, encourages discussion, and answers participants' questions. The i-SAFE hosted Parent Night can be valuable forming an i-PARENT Board, and directing the Board's Internet safety activities.
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Certified Mentor Training
You can help train an army of cyber safety mentors. An i-SAFE Youth Empowerment professional leads a training program and provides you and students with i-SAFE resources, materials, and the encouragement to educate and empower students to become i-MENTORS and to spread Internet safety education to their peers.
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Customized NAC Reports
You've heard the national results. Now you need to know specific numbers. What are your students doing online? Customized assessment results are electronically available for districts, individual schools and grade groupings. Adobe PDF files are e-mailed with the assessment questions and responses in terms of percent. Pre-assessment and post-assessment results are available. Upon request, files may be sent in Microsoft Excel format to facilitate additional analyses by schools. An i-SAFE school ID code must be provided to obtain the data. Request a customized NAC report. Start by telling us the information you want. Click here for a sample of the customized NAC report.
The cost breakdown per pupil is:
  Up to 500 students: $200.00
  501- 700 students: $245.00
  701- 1000 students: $330.00
  1000 students and over: Call for a quote
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