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i-SAFE Youth Empowerment (YE)
At i-SAFE, Youth Empowerment means students learning Internet safety knowledge and skills from the people they listen to the most, students! With i-SAFE, students of the cyber generation can play an active role in educating and empowering others to be safe and responsible cyber citizens. We encourage students to take ownership and make a difference in the cyber world. They can join i-SAFE and help clean up the cyber streets by getting involved as a Student i-Mentor.

i-SAFE's presents DRiVE; a youth empowerment campaign energizing students around the globe to take control of their online experiences and drive the message of Internet safety to their peers, parents, and community members. We ask students questions like "what drives you?" or "are you driven?" to inspire them to take action and become Internet safety leaders. It takes a special student with drive and determination to mentor others. Using i-SAFE's Outreach and Education materials, motivated students can teach others how to protect themselves and drive safely on the information superhighway. We are giving them the keys to the car. It's their turn to DRiVE. Students can effect change and make the "Net" a safer place.

The i-SAFE Student Mentor Program
The i-SAFE Student i-Mentor Program is the main vehicle to create peer-to-peer communication. Any student in grades 5-12 can become an i-Mentor. The only prerequisite is the desire to educate and empower their peers, parents, and community members on make safe and responsible decisions online. Encourage students to sign up to become i-Mentors by visiting the mentor menu.

The i-Mentor program is a great way for educators to take i-SAFE beyond the classroom. It gives students an opportunity to take what they have learned in the classroom and help others. There are many ways that students can get involved. i-Mentors can participate in i-SAFE contests and plan activities like poster campaigns, create public service announcements, and host information tables. i-SAFE offers a list of various activities, contests, events, and trainings that students can organize. Students should visit the mentor menu for a complete list. i-Mentors can receive service-learning credits, complete a community service project, or fulfill a personal goal of giving back to the community.

i-Mentors can also receive additional training to plan i-SAFE events. By attending a live certified mentor train-the-trainer or by watching the online training videos on the i-Mentor Training Network located on the soon to be launched i-LEARN section of the website, i-Mentors can learn how to plan a school assembly experience, teach i-Parents, and organize a Community Leaders Meeting. Certified i-Mentors can also teach peers or younger students in the classroom as part of the i-Adopt-A-School Program. Check back for links to the i-LEARN training modules.

To help students and educators get started with the i-Mentor Program, i-SAFE offers a free Student Took Kit. The T-Kit is i-SAFE's one stop shop for Internet safety information. It comes complete with an Internet safety guide and action guide. When a student registers online and submits a mentor menu they will be offered a T-Kit and other materials to organize the event.

i-SAFE partners with educators, councilors, advisors, and school resource officers who want to start an i-Mentor Program at their school. We provide materials and instructions on how to get your students trained and started planning i-Mentor activities. Educators can start by teaching the i-SAFE lessons or train students with the Certified i-Mentor train-the-trainer. Please visit the online implementation plan and make your selection. Next have your students submit a mentor menu to register them as an i-Mentor.

i-SAFE partners with national and state-wide student leadership organizations like FCCLA, FBLA, TSA, EAST LAB, STLP, and SADD to reach the community with Internet safety. We provide student groups with i-Mentor trainings and outreach materials to raise awareness at school and in the community. Students involved in leadership organizations can make i-SAFE their community service projects. To receive the free T-Kit or other free i-Mentor materials, students can submit a mentor menu and report their activity, event, or training.

Start an i-Mentor Program at your school
Join the DRiVE Campaign and start an i-Mentor Program at your school today. Here are the steps you need to take to get started.

  1. First you need to be i-SAFE trained. Adults should attend a live Professional Development Program (PDP) or watch the online training modules on the i-LEARN section of the website. Student can be taught the i-SAFE lessons in the classroom, attend a live Certified i-Mentor Train the Trainer, or watch the online Certified i-Mentor training videos on the i-LEARN section of the website. Order your training at the online implementation plan (adults) or mentor menu (students). If you are already trained, please go directly to step 2.
  2. Identify the students you think would be good i-Mentors. Have them go to the i-SAFE website and register for the program.
  3. Train students by ordering the i-SAFE lessons, Certified i-Mentor Training, or have them watch the Certified i-Mentor online training videos offered on the i-Learn section of the website. Adults can order the lessons and training on the online implementation plan and students can visit the mentor menu.
  4. Decide on what types of activities, events, or trainings the students would like to plan and execute. Go to the online mentor menu and make your selection to receive your free student tool kit and outreach materials.
  5. Review your materials and have fun organizing your i-Mentor activity, event, or training. Contact the i-SAFE Youth Empowerment Team with any questions at
  6. Communicate your i-Mentor successes with i-SAFE to receive global recognition in our newsletters and website. i-Mentors can be awarded the Most Valuable Mentor Award and also join our Student Advisory Board. Products created by i-Mentors can also be included in our programmatic material for worldwide distribution. Students around the world will benefit from the great work of your i-Mentors.
EDUCATE and EMPOWER students to take action!

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