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Parent to Parent
Kelsey Grammer is best known for his portrayal as Dr. Frasier Crane on Cheers and Frasier. As a father concerned about his own children going on the Internet, Mr. Grammer appears in an i-SAFE Public Service Announcement (PSA) where he speaks directly to parents about the difficulty most have talking to their kids about the risks and responsibility when online. To view the PSA, click on the photo to the left.

Parents and Schools

Is e-Safety education a parent's responsibility or is it subject matter for schools? Actually, both are important to positively influence a child's online behaviors. Parents can and should be vigilant about taking an interest in their children's online life and being aware of where their children go online. Of course that's sound advice, but does interest and concern alone translate into sophisticated, safe and responsible online behavior when the same child accesses the Internet at a friend's house or from a cell phone when away from home? The U.S. Congress and state legislatures across the country are increasingly turning to schools as the best option, passing laws that mandate e-Safety lessons be taught in their classrooms.

Sponsor a School

Parents can be an active partner in their children's e-Safety education. In response to the demand, i-SAFE is tailoring curriculum resources so schools and districts, as well as state, federal and foreign governments will have exactly the lessons and materials they need to design and carry out their own e-Safety strategies in their schools. However, budget cuts for education may prevent them from implementing i-SAFE. To ensure that i-SAFE is at your school, you can sponsor a school or district, by covering the subscription cost to one of the following i-SAFE curriculum packages:

E-Rate subscription: To satisfy the Protecting Children in the 21st Century Act of 2008 for E-Rate funding, schools are required to teach 'appropriate online behavior, including interacting with other individuals on social networking Web sites, in chat rooms and cyber bullying awareness and response.' This subscription provides educators access to ONLY the E-Rate related curriculum.

Silver subscription: The Silver subscription allows educators to have access to all i-SAFE curriculum but not including the E-Rate related curriculum.

Gold subscription: The Gold subscription combines the curriculum and i-SAFE resources on both the Silver and E-Rate subscriptions. Gold allows educators access to all i-SAFE curriculum including E-Rate related curriculum.

Visit the Subscription page for more information about these subscription packages.

E-mail to sponsor a school or district.

i-PARENT Campaign

In most cases, kids know more about the Internet and new technology than their parents. That is why i-SAFE launched the i-PARENT Campaign ' a nationwide movement of students, parents, educators and public officials ' to inform parents about how best to keep their children safe online.

The i-PARENT Campaign trains students and parent advocates to conduct Parent Nights and provides them with resources through an i-PARENT Toolkit CD. The i-PARENT Toolkit CD includes a "Start Here" training video and topical videos on the following e-Safety issues: Cyber Predators, Cyber Bullying, Cyber Security and the protection of Intellectual Property. You also get all of the forms and documents you need to perform a successful parent event, and PowerPoint presentations. All i-PARENT materials are available through the i-SAFE online store.

Interested parents can become a part of this exciting movement by creating or joining an i-PARENT Board in their local school district. To find out how to establish an i-PARENT Board, order a copy of the i-PARENT CD and review the toolkit which provides an outline and helpful resources to get you started. In addition, concerned parents can become learn more about e-Safety by watching online training videos. Then, raise awareness among other parents by conducting a Parent Night presentation. Your training begins at i-LEARN Online.

One other thing parents can do is complete the i-SAFE Parent Survey. If you have any questions or need help, e-mail

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