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Student Attitudes

Children and teens are becoming increasingly cyber savvy, but with little education available to keep up with this abundance of knowledge, many are caught in a whirlpool of cheap information.

i-SAFE America surveyed students across the country on their attitudes about the Internet. Statistics reveal a clear message: while online anonymity provides children and teens with more freedom, it also leaves them vulnerable in many ways.


  • 25% do not feel safe when using the Internet.*
  • 73% think there is a need for kids and teens to learn about Internet safety.*
  • 36% have received e-mail, attachments or pop-ups that bothered them or made them feel badly.*
  • 14% have been upset by what was said by a stranger they met on the Internet.*
  • 56% don't worry about their computer getting a virus when opening an e-mail or attachment.*
  • 35% feel freer to do what they want on the Internet than in the physical world.*
  • 31% say it is easier for them to talk with people on the Internet than in the physical world

* Combined 2003/2004 and 2004/2005 i-SAFE survey of 55,000 students
** 2004-05 i-SAFE survey of 36,000 students
*** 2003-04 i-SAFE survey of 19,000 students

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