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i-SAFE America Inc.
Research Department Survey Methodology

i-SAFE America conducts pre-curriculum and post-curriculum assessments in conjunction with the delivery of the i-SAFE Internet safety courses being provided to students (grades K-12) across the country.

The pre-assessments, taken before going through the i-SAFE curriculum, poll students on their current Internet behaviors and attitudes. Questions included quantitative as well as qualitative questions such as time spent on the Internet, willingness to inform parents about their activity, willingness to make contact with strangers, and other risky behaviors.

The post-assessments, taken immediately after completion of all the lessons, provide insight as to the 'initial' acceptance of the i-SAFE message.

A delayed assessment is taken 3-6 weeks after completion of the curriculum measures actual changes.

As part of a lesson exercise, a survey is sent home with the students for their parents to complete. The purpose of this survey is to gain some insight as to any differences that exist between the parent and student's perceptions about Internet behavior. The differences illuminate just how wide the Digital Divide is between parents and their children.

Assessments taken August 1, 2003 through May 15, 2005
•  Number of students responding, grades K-2 26,000
•  Number of students responding grades 3-4 42,000
•  Number of students responding grades 5-12 102,000
•  Number of students responding overall 170,000
•  Number of parents responding 6,400
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