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Intellectual Property

Would you sneak into a movie without a ticket? How about downloading a movie from the Internet without paying? Would you shoplift a CD from a record store? Do you trade songs you didn't pay for on a file sharing website? Just how much is a clean conscience or preserving ethics worth to you? 9.99 for a DVD? 19.99 for a CD? How about 99 cents for a song?

In the 2004-05 school year, i-SAFE America surveyed 5th through 12th graders across the country on their beliefs about intellectual property. While most students understand the illegality of taking information from the Internet for free without the artist or author's consent, many continue to do so.


  • *68% have been told what is legal and illegal to download on the Internet
  • **38% copy or have copied music from the Internet
  • *46% believe nobody is harmed or loses money if they download music without paying for it
  • *65% believe they should NOT be charged to download music or movies from the Internet
*2004-05 i-SAFE survey of approximately 36,000 students
**2003-05 i-SAFE survey of approximately 55,000 students


  • 75% use the Internet when they need information to help with schoolwork
  • 16% use the library for this purpose
  • 43% have copied information directly from the Internet for use in schoolwork
  • 44% did NOT give credit for copied work in school papers to the author or owner
2004-05 i-SAFE survey of approximately 36,000 students

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