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Safe and responsible behavior on the Internet is necessary not only for students, but all community members. Everyone should be aware of the hazards in cyberspace to avoid being victimized by online predators and identity thieves.

The i-SAFE Inc. Community Outreach Initiative strives to educate everyone in the community about the importance of Internet safety. We extend the knowledge and skills that the students learn from our Curriculum Lessons in the classroom to all aspects of the community in a variety of ways.

Community Leaders Meeting
A Community Leaders Meeting is a very important aspect of the foundation. i-SAFE organizes a Community Leaders Meeting (CLM) to inform concerned citizens and community leaders about the need for Internet safety and provides them the opportunity to join an i-SAFE Community Action Team (CAT).

The goal of the CLM is to create a CAT, which brings members of the community from all walks of life together to raise Internet safety awareness in the community and fuels the growth of Youth Empowerment in local schools.
Many prominent facets of the community are invited to a CLM, including Governors, Congressional Representatives, school superintendents, business owners, and Student Mentors. All invitees are encouraged to get involved with the CAT, which provides an easy and rewarding way to help make their community a safer place.

A CLM generally consists of one or more guest speakers relating local issues to safety on the World Wide Web, followed by a PowerPoint presentation that illustrates the growing need for Internet safety within a community. The CLM gives attendees the opportunity to get involved. Open discussion is encouraged and all questions are answered.

Once a CAT is created from a CLM, those CAT members are empowered and encouraged to put together additional CLMs to help spread the message throughout their communities and states. An i-SAFE Outreach Coordinator assists with the creation and execution of additional CAT-organized CLMs.

i-SAFE has created a formidable guide to assist with the planning, creation, and goals of a CLM in the i-SAFE Community Outreach Tool Kit. The Tool Kit contains a detailed Community Action Plan, a handy Internet safety handbook for the entire family, sign up sheets, and many other resources to help inspire others to join your CAT.
Please contact us if you have any questions about organizing a CLM to help raise awareness of Internet safety throughout your community and inspire others to get involved.

Community Action Team
An i-SAFE Community Action Team utilizes services and resources from a diverse representation of people within the community to extend Internet safety awareness and foster the growth of Youth Empowerment. A successful CAT identifies popular aspects of their community (people, locations, media, etc.) and incorporates them into their Outreach Campaign to help educate others about the importance of Internet safety.

A CAT is generally formed from a Community Leaders Meeting, and is comprised of school, community, and business leaders, Student Mentors, and anyone who wants to get involved. Their goal is to increase Internet safety awareness in a fun, easy, and rewarding way.

An individual who volunteers to be the "Director" oversees the actions and progress of the CAT. Individual CAT members from schools in the community serve as the Mentor 'Link', or the liaison between the CAT and the Student Mentors. Mentors provide the 'Link' with ideas about their own Internet safety activities and events, and the 'Link' relays those ideas to the CAT. Other CAT members handle responsibilities set forth by the Outreach Campaign they decide to implement in their community.

i-SAFE CATs help Student Mentors organize various Internet safety activities and events in local schools and the community. They work closely with local schools to raise Internet safety awareness and bring the i-SAFE program to those schools. A Cyber Safety Week is an easy way that CATs assist students in providing Internet safety information to schools and other students in their community.

Community Action Teams also organize a letter-writing campaign to extend awareness and provide the opportunity to get involved with Internet safety throughout the community.

i-SAFE provides a template for the letter writing campaign, as well as event activity ideas and suggestions, Internet safety and event documentation materials, examples of tasks and responsibilities for CAT members, and other helpful materials in the i-SAFE Community Outreach Tool Kit. This Tool Kit is the guide that CATs nationwide have used to create fun and successful Outreach Events and Activities to spread Internet safety awareness in their schools and communities.

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