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The i-SAFE Inc. Community Outreach initiative extends e-Safety awareness beyond the classroom by bringing students, parents, school and community leaders, and others together to spread this knowledge throughout the entire community.

Students can take the lead as i-MENTORs and educate their peers to be sophisticated online users. Our youth empowerment campaign mobilizes students to get involved and take action. i-SAFE trains students and equips them with the tools to inform others how to be ethical and responsible online.

Parents can be the key to safe and rewarding online experiences for the whole family. i-SAFE helps educate parents about safety in Cyberspace, and gives them opportunities to spread this valuable information within their communities.

Schools can build on the education program by taking e-Safety beyond the classroom.

i-SAFE works with teachers, advisors, administrators, and counselors to inform parents and community members about the importance of digital literacy and digital citizenship for all cyber citizens.

Business, civic, community, and elected leaders all share a common duty to promote the well-being of our children. i-SAFE seeks to work with these leaders through special community events and outreach campaigns.

i-SAFE believes that it takes a strong commitment from all areas of the community for a true culture change to occur. By planning e-Safety activities, events, and trainings, you can be the spark that leads to an entire community of safe and responsible cyber citizens.

Join i-SAFE and make a difference today.

Sponsor a School

Parents can be an active partner in their children's e-Safety education. i-SAFE is tailoring curriculum resources packages so schools and districts, as well as state, federal and foreign governments will have exactly the lessons and materials they need to design and carry out their own e-Safety strategies in their schools. However, budget cuts for education may prevent them from implementing i-SAFE. To ensure that i-SAFE is at your school, you (or a group of parents) can sponsor a school or district, by covering the subscription cost to one of the i-SAFE curriculum packages: Gold, Silver, or the E-Rate Subscription Package.

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