i-SAFE Inc. Online Assessment System


An integral part of the i-SAFE education program is the maintenance of a database of student survey responses designed to chart students' understanding of the concepts presented, as well as the status and evolution of the Internet behaviors of your students. These brief assessment surveys are completed online and are completely anonymous. They take students less than 10 minutes to complete. Please have your students complete the pre-assessment before their first i-SAFE lesson as a baseline measure of Internet behavior and disposition for the core curriculum lessons; and the post-assessments upon completion of the final i-SAFE lesson to measure core concepts learned from the curriculum. The outcomes assessment, taken 3-6 weeks following completion of the curriculum (and post-assessment) is a measurement of the core concepts retained by your students over time.

Instructions for Teachers

Direct your students to this page by beginning at i-SAFE's home page, https://auth.isafe.org then clicking on Assessments from either the Teachers or Students dropdown menu. To proceed to the assessment survey, students need to enter their School ID# at the bottom of this page.

Please follow these steps to locate your School ID#:

  • Log in by entering your credentials at the top/right corner of an i-SAFE Web page. You will be taken to your personal My Info page.
  • On your My Info page click on the Curriculum icon and look for the Find your School ID# section at the bottom of the page.
  • If your school is not listed, click the link and follow the prompts by filling in your state, city, and school.
  • Provide this School ID# to your students in order to administer an assessment survey.

Instructions for Students

To participate, you will need to enter a School ID# at the bottom of this page to proceed. Please ask your teacher to provide it. Once you enter this number, choose the appropriate grade and the appropriate assessment.

  • Select "pre-assessment" before beginning i-SAFE lessons.
  • Select "post-assessment" only after completing your final lesson.
  • The "outcomes-assessment" should be taken three to six weeks after the final lesson (and post assessment).
  • Complete the information section for each assessment and answer the assessment questions.

Be sure to click on "Finish" at the end of the assessment.


Parents are urged to complete an i-SAFE survey by clicking on the following link: Click here to participate.

Please enter your School ID
(ask your teacher if you're not sure.)