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Across the country i-SAFE and Law Enforcement are working together to foster cyber-safe communities. School Resource Officers, Community Outreach Specialists, ICAC teams, and Operation i-SHIELD Task Forces seize the opportunity to provide education, empowerment and guidance to students in and out of the classroom. As a law enforcement professional, your involvement with students, educators, parents, and citizens is vital to proactively fight Internet-related crime, promote safe and responsible online behavior and remind everybody that in the cyber world ' just like the physical world ' behavior has real consequences. With your help, your community will move toward education and responsibility, and away from victimization.

Partner Share Program

The Law Enforcement Partner Share Program is a unique way for law enforcement professionals to be rewarded for helping to ensure that area students are taught Internet safety lessons. While i-SAFE curriculum is free to educators and law enforcement, access to the free curriculum is through schools, districts or other agencies and organizations that purchase an i-SAFE curriculum package (Gold, Silver or E-Rate). The Law Enforcement Partner Share Program invites law enforcement professionals to partner with i-SAFE by signing up an area school or the local district to an i-SAFE curriculum subscription package, then i-SAFE shares 10% of the subscription price with these individuals. The following paragraphs and table describe each of i-SAFE's subscriptions and the partner share opportunities for bringing i-SAFE e-Safety curriculum to students near you!

i-SAFE Subscriptions

Gold subscription: Licenses and allows educators online access to all i-SAFE curriculum, including E-Rate related curriculum ( for more information). The cost for a Gold subscription is $520 for a school and $2,600 for a district (5-49 schools).

Silver subscription: Licenses and allows educators online access to all i-SAFE curriculum with the exception of the E-Rate related curriculum. The cost for a Silver subscription is $360 for a school and $1,800 for a district (5-49 schools).

E-Rate subscription: Licenses and allows educators online access to ONLY the E-Rate related curriculum ( for more information). The cost is $250 for a school and $1,250 for a district (5-49 schools).

Click to view i-SAFE's Subscription Webcast Videos.

Partner Share GolD Silver E-Rate
Per School $52 $36 $25
District (5-49 Schools) $260 $180 $125

Questions? Please refer to i-SAFE's Subscription FAQ document. Download now.

IMPORTANT: To get started and take advantage of i-SAFE's Partner Share Program, it is REQUIRED that you contact i-SAFE will give the law enforcement partner access to a Subscription Package Quotation document to be completed for each school/district purchase, by filling in the requested information: School/District name and address; name and e-mail address for the contact person there; and, the name of the i-SAFE subscription purchased. It is also necessary to supply us with YOUR name and address on this document, so upon receipt of payment from the school/district, we can mail your partner share for participating in i-SAFE's Partner Share Program. If your department's policy prohibits you from receiving a partner share, i-SAFE will donate your share to the national PTA in your name.

Teaching Options

Option #1 ' STAT. Your department's School Resource Officer, Community Outreach Specialist, ICAC team member or other tech-savvy law enforcement professionals can not access, download or purchase i-SAFE curriculum to teach students unless they are associated/affiliated with a school or district (or any other organization) that has purchased either a Gold, Silver, or E-Rate subscription and named as a designated participant on the organization's Subscription Teacher Action Table (STAT). Call your local school/district and request they add the names of these professionals to their STAT.

Option #2 ' Subscribe. In the event the local school/district is not an i-SAFE subscriber, individual officers or departments/agencies can take it upon themselves and purchase an i-SAFE subscription. Then, as an i-SAFE subscriber, the officer (or department/agency) has online access to K-12 lesson plans and related videos to take into area classrooms and train students to be safe and responsible online. Contact to inquire about special pricing for law enforcement.

Certification. It is not a requirement that law enforcement professionals complete i-SAFE's Professional Development Program (PDP) ' either in person or online through i-LEARN ' before they may teach/present the e-Safety curriculum to students. The PDP remains a requirement to become a Certified Train-The-Trainer.

In summary, to access i-SAFE lessons online to teach students, a law enforcement professional must either be affiliated with a school/district which is a current i-SAFE subscriber (and be named as an educator on the school's STAT), or purchase an i-SAFE subscription, and return a signed Law Enforcement Subscription and Licensing Agreement. Contact:

NOTE: ICAC funds may be available to purchase your subscription. Public Law 110-401 (the 'Providing Resources, Officers, and Technology To Eradicate Cyber Threats to Our Children Act of 2008' or the 'Protect Our Children Act of 2008') authorized the U.S. Congress to appropriate $60M a year for five (5) years (i.e., $300M during 2009-2013) and requires the Department of Justice to develop and implement a National Strategy Child Exploitation Prevention and Interdiction, to improve Internet Crimes Against Children Task Forces, to increase resources for regional computer forensic labs, and to make other improvements to increase the ability of law enforcement agencies to investigate and prosecute child predators. GRANTS AWARDED UNDER TITLE I, SECTION 106(c)(4) OF THE ACT 'MAY BE USED TO CONDUCT AND ASSIST WITH EDUCATION PROGRAMS TO HELP CHILDREN AND PARENTS PROTECT THEMSELVES FROM INTERNET PREDATORS'.'

No-Cost Materials

i-SAFE continues to provide e-Safety resources for law enforcement professionals to make an impact on students of all ages both inside and outside of a classroom setting. Scripted PowerPoint presentations are continually being produced and updated to provide law enforcement no-cost resources (just a shipping/handling charge) on the most current topics. Just Create an Account and fill out an Implementation plan for these presentations, or the following i-SAFE materials:

i-SAFE's scripted Assembly Experiences are ideal for Law Enforcement to spread Internet safety awareness to a large group of students at one time. Students learn to recognize criminal behavior online, as well as understand that their own online behavior has real life consequences. An i-SAFE Assembly Experience serves as a resource for educators and promotes student mentoring. Click here to preview all of i-SAFE Assembly Experiences that are currently available.

i-SAFE resources are available for law enforcement professionals to access online to conduct or participate in public meetings on Internet safety; including i-SAFE sponsored Community Leaders Meetings, Town Hall Meetings and Parent Nights. In other words, law enforcement has the option to choose from a vast array of i-SAFE materials to be proactive in helping to educate students, but parents and citizens as well.

All i-SAFE materials are available to registered law enforcement personnel at no cost (plus shipping/handling charge) through an Implementation Plan (IP) on your My Info page (log in at the top right corner of this page).

Not registered? Create an account.

What to do with i-SAFE Materials in your Possession

Permission and license to use i-SAFE's intellectual property (K-12 curriculum materials) obtained at no cost before August, 2009, has been revoked until a subscription (e.g., either Gold, Silver or E-Rate) has been purchased. All persons, schools and districts that obtained i-SAFE's e-Safety curriculum (i.e., for students in grades K-12) and the curriculum's ancillary videos and materials at no cost before August, 2009, must terminate all use(s), reproduction and dissemination of these materials IF they are not covered by a current subscription, which we now call a 'Subscription and License Agreement.'

All persons, schools and districts that purchased i-SAFE e-Safety curriculum and associated materials in the past (e.g., via i-SAFE's online store) may continue to use the materials they purchased. However, these formerly purchased e-Safety curriculum materials may no longer be reproduced, duplicated or redistributed 'at will' if they are not covered by a current subscription.

Operation i-SHIELD

Operation i-SHIELD is a nationwide network of independent i-SHIELD Task Forces that marshals the collective power of prosecutors and law-enforcement professionals to proactively fight Internet crime by sharing ideas, information and contacts. Click here for more information.

Convenient user-friendly Internet safety training for law enforcement officers is available through i-SHIELD online. i-SHIELD Online is part of the revolutionary i-LEARN video training modules, which allows you to get Internet safety training from your home or office, at your own pace. i-SHIELD Online is a series of five videos. Viewing them gives you an understanding of Operation i-SHIELD and the advantages of forming an i-SHIELD task force in your area. Click here to begin your training.

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