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Before getting started:
Thank you for your interest in the i-PARENT training modules. The lessons are listed below, however you must watch 'Welcome' first. To launch the module now, click on 'Launch Video'.

There are important supplemental information you can access by clicking on 'Materials'. We strongly recommend that you print or save these documents for future reference.

Finally, i-SAFE is eager to support your efforts to spread Internet safety awareness. If your plans include forming an i-PARENT Board or any other outreach activity, please submit an implementation plan (IP) through the link on this page that will appear when you have completed all the necessary modules.

Children are exposed to the Internet at an early age and grow up using the technology. But they often don't understand the risks. This lesson maps out the strategy by which parents can stay one step ahead. First teach your children, and then train other parents to do the same.
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Children are given Internet access'without a user's manual. This lesson provides just that. You learn that children are at-risk online, even in the security of the family home. And you'll understand that in the digital age, parents must be proactive.
Parents take preventative steps to keep their families free from infection. If you're not careful, the family's computer can be infected with worms, viruses, Trojan horses, and spyware. This lesson teaches you how to spot trouble, and offers some preventative Rx.
A child really understands how to be cyber safe when he or she is able to teach others. In this lesson, you see where parents fit into the three parts of the i-SAFE Internet safety training program'education, youth empowerment, and outreach.
Think you know your child's online behavior? Take the quiz. You may not know as much as you thought. This lesson helps bridge the gap between what you and your children know about online dangers. And, we offer you cyber safety parenting tips.
Help keep Cyberspace safe from predators, bullies, and malicious code. This lesson teaches you how to expand your influence beyond your home to ensure that Internet safety education is taught at school and Internet safety awareness is spread.
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