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i-SAFE America introduces a new Internet safety Service Learning Curriculum taking Internet safety from the classroom out into the community.

Incorporating service learning into K-12 schools is a growing area of interest to educators. Like community service, service learning requires students to serve their communities. However, the terms, community service and service learning, cannot be used interchangeably. Service learning takes community service one step further by incorporating the service experiences of students directly into their schoolwork.

Service Learning is integrated into the academic curriculum and designed so that students learn and develop through active participation in a community project. The end result is integrated learning that has meaning and newfound civic responsibility. In fact, students who participate in service learning improve in areas across the board such as critical thinking, communication, teamwork, reasoning and problem solving, public speaking, computer skills, etc.

i-SAFE and Service Learning
i-SAFE has always promoted integrated learning through its youth empowerment projects that allow students to take what they learned in the classroom about Internet safety out into the community. With the addition of a new service learning packet in the i-SAFE curriculum, integrated learning and community service is taken one step further. Each lesson offers background learning so the primary goal of service to the community can be completed in a beneficial way for all concerned.

This program of lessons can be used in the traditional classroom, in a specified school service learning atmosphere, or in a community service club setting. i-SAFE is committed to meet not only educational goals, but also the goal of community improvement through education on the crucial topic of Internet Safety.

With your lead, students will have the opportunity to create public service announcements, develop an assembly, conduct an community leaders meeting, and much more. Your school can bridge the gap between the students and the community by reaching out with Internet safety service learning projects.

Educators can order the i-SAFE Service Learning Curriculum by submitting an online implementation plan today. The curriculum has all of the information you need to start implementing Internet safety service learning projects in your school and community. Service learning projects are supported by the i-SAFE Outreach Dept. Please refer questions about activities and materials to

To learn how to implement Service Learning within your school/classroom, please click here.

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