i-SAFE Program Summary

Convenient Programs for Busy Volunteers
i-SAFE combines classroom education and community outreach into one unique program. There are a number of quick, easy ways people with busy schedules can get involved and make an impact in their communities.

Learning About Internet Safety — Online

i-LEARN Online is on your computer whenever you need it. These Internet safety /imgs/verizon/videos/ cover the topics every person needs to be aware of, including cyber predators, identity theft, cyber bullies, and more. The /imgs/verizon/videos/ are separated into brief chapters, so watch them all now, or watch one a day-it is up to you and your busy schedule! Once you've watched the /imgs/verizon/videos/, you are a certified i-SAFE Train-The-Trainer. So go to https://auth.isafe.org/ilearn, and start today.

i-MENTOR Training Network is the student version of i-LEARN Online. It is the perfect solution for the student in your life. Whether working on a service project or just concerned about friends' online habits, this is where a student's empowerment begins. The training and certification is the same as i-LEARN Online. So get your favorite kid involved, and send him or her to https://auth.isafe.org/xblock/training to begin today.

Where to Start

i-SAFE offers ways for Verizon volunteers to help in their communities. Check out the list below, and select the one that best fits you. Then go to the Downloads section to get all the materials and resources you need to be a success. See a selection that fits a friend? Send him or her a link to this page to get going! And remember, anything can be a learning environment-schools, religious organizations, youth groups, service clubs, after-school programs, and more.

  • i-PARENT Program
    i-SAFE has taken all the work out of educating other parents about the dangers found online. It is perfect for any gathering of adults, no matter how small or how large, how educated or in the dark. The i-PARENT Program has PowerPoint presentations that are scripted and include /imgs/verizon/videos/. All you need to do is create an account. Then, submit an Implementation Plan for an i-PARENT Program.

  • i-Adopt-A-School Program
    This program is designed to ensure every school has an opportunity to receive i-SAFE's unique Internet safety curriculum, youth empowerment, and community outreach. Local service-minded groups and/or individuals create partnerships to bring this valuable program to your community immediately. This is the fastest way to bring i-SAFE to your community. To get started, check out this doc!

  • Assembly Experience
    The i-SAFE Assembly Experience is a 45-minute dynamic, interactive, multimedia experience for grades 5 through 12. It is designed to be a high-powered show that speaks directly to youth. With lights, /imgs/verizon/videos/, and true-life stories, i-SAFE shows how actions in the cyber world have serious real-world consequences. The Assembly Experience is the launching pad for the i-SAFE curriculum, DRiVE Campaign, and the i-MENTOR Program. It is designed to be presented by adults and by students.

Additional information about i-SAFE and its programs can be found at https://auth.isafe.org.